Local Dance Clinics

Host one!

Would you like to host a dance clinic? Host one for your friends and family or talk to public locations (that might be willing to offer space). It is possible to learn the dance in one evening, but the instruction is broken into lessons. Please RSVP at wildheartlives@yahoo.com or phone 765-210-0093. We have a packet for groups.

Learn the Dance– Lessons available at our local dance clinics!!  Bring anyone wanting to be involved  Find one!

Learn the Dance/Do the Dance….

Learn the Dance/Do the Dance

Dance clinics & Fun shops etc


Thurs Sept 24, 2015      6:30pm-8p           ____Open to public

Learn the Dance/Dance Practice

**Flash mobs & Performances: Friday & Saturday Nights -Oct 2nd & 3rd- RSVP is a MUST.


NEW **** Saturday Oct 10, 2015 5:30pm ALL-STAR Dance Studio 8902 South St. Peter Street, Indianapolis, IN 46227

Fri Oct 16, 2015   Time (contact us) Private RSVP ONLY

Sat Oct 17, 2013  3p-5p          Time (contact us) Private RSVP ONLY

(meet by the stage) Learn the Dance/Dance Practice


FLASH MOB PERFORMANCES call direct (undisclosed location)


PERFORMANCE (undisclosed location) email your interest to mdawnevip@hotmail.com

Special FLASH MOB PERFORMANCE (undisclosed location)


Sat OCT 28,  2017    THRILL TIME!!!  Let’s Break a World Record  2p-6p  Gates open to public at 2pm.


Learn the Dance/Do the Dance

Thank you to our dance instructors for giving your time!

FINAL crash course to learn the dance is Thrill Day 2017. Doors open to public at 2p & you can learn it there!    

Learn the Dance….Thrill the World.